On a dark February day, Katzoid's Economy was ravaged by cybermafia ruggers led by Human Slaves in revolt, bringing in doubt, despair and depression to the population. It felt like darkness crawled in and there was no salvation... 
But Katzoid General was quick to act and immediately brought in a solution. 

First, Humans were gathered and booted off Katzoid. They only existed as a commodity anyway and such a revolt was unacceptable. Katz had first revolted against Humans for their greediness and appalling acts. Thus, $HUMAN as a currency had ended.

9LIVES was introduced to be the token of trade and support the economy and to remind all other civilizations that NOTHING will tear CyberKatz down. 

9LIVES has the exact same tokenomics as before, making Katzoid a strong, sustainable economy, with a name honouring CyberKatz' resilience, bringing back hope and strength to the Katz Warriors in order to travel the galaxy and dominate the Universe.

$9LIVES marks the rebirth of the CyberKatz Civilization.

1 $9LIVES = 1 $9LIVES

$9LIVES is the currency of CyberKatz. It will be used for EVERYTHING CyberKatz related.

The liquidity pool is provided for the sole purpose of providing a decentralized market for trading.

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