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a 2077 collection exclusively on the solana blockchain


 Humanity is on the brink of destruction, their last hope for survival is through galactic expansion relied on genetically modified cats.

Of all experiments and trials, cats have been the most successful species to survive the harsh conditions of space, perhaps due to their 9 lives as the old adage goes. The few remaining governments joined forces with their best scientists on earth and engineered an anthropomorphized and incredibly intelligent species of cats to be launched into space with a mission of finding the perfect planet to terraform, bringing frozen human embryos with them.


After 500 years of traveling since 2077, katz finally found a new planet with the perfect atmospheric conditions to rebuild human civilization. But, Cyberkatz, as an intelligent species, during their travel developed a philosophical and ethical hatred towards humans as soon as they realized what was done to them and what humans themselves have done to Planet Earth. Thus, they've decided to terraform the new planet themselves, now called katzoid, and brew humans for their labour. Lab-grown humans, used for trading, for food, mining and resource harvesting, as well as fuel.


Launching the Genesis CyberKatz

Handpicked by Katzoid's Supreme General, these are the cream of the crop warriors the Katz race has to offer.


Who let the Katz out?

Release CyberKatz into the outer space. Some Magic kind of Eden.

Rarity will be laid out in the website.



Lock the Vaults! LET THE KATZ IN THE DAO!


Gated Community for CyberKatz holders. Exclusive announcements, alpha, partnership deals will be shared prior to the wider public there.


9LIVES is the fuel of CyberKatz' economy and energy. It's the official currency of Katzoid Planet that is used for a variety of activities. The first one will be to build Spaceships as Katz will need it for interplanetary travel. Afterwards finance the Genomics Research Department to research technology to change Katz' DNA and reinforce their numbers with brand new genetically different warriors.

$9lives will have various utilities within and outside of the CyberKatz:
           Build Spaceships
           Invest in Genomic Research (DNA Altered CyberKatz) - NextGen CyberKatz
           A potential e-commerce store (?)

           etc (...)

We will apply for Raydium Fusion Pool Farming to stake $9LIVES, thus incentivizing liquidity providers whilst earning $9LIVES.

50% of royalties from secondary trading will be used to provide liquidity to $9LIVES.
​CyberKatz need to be staked in the Killer Machine Training Center to earn $9LIVES.



5 auctions of fully animated and true 1/1 CyberKatz. A combination of both mythical and genetically superior CyberKatz scientists have brewed in-vitro by harvesting their Human slave's stem cells.


Legendaries earn 2x $9LIVES passively, NO staking required.

50% of earnings will be added to $9LIVES liquidity. The other 50% back to development.



KATSHIPS will need to be built by CyberKatz in order to allow interplanetary travel.

coming in form of katpsules which will become a katship in a matter of weeks. katzoid has ordered a minimum of 2 cyberkatz and $9lives paid upfront for the costly endeavour


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When mint?

21st of january

Were katz mistreated in the making of the project?

there are always war casualties...

I want more Katz, where can I have them?

mint more than one or rescue them from secondary listings... Adopt A WARRIOR CYBERKAT, they deserve it.

My Katz tried to murder me, what can I do?


will there be a dao?